BESCA Scheme Board

The board members have been selected for their expertise and wealth of industry knowledge as well as their position in bodies associated with the building and engineering services industry and related sectors.

Comprised of representatives from the trade associations, professional and regulatory bodies, and contracting companies, the Schemes Board members have been chosen to ensure that no single interest group can influence decisions.

  • The Schemes Board has been established to scrutinise and advise on BESCA’s activities to ensure:
  • all certification activities are carried out in an unbiased way that safeguards the schemes’ impartiality and integrity;
  • the development and implementation of technical, financial, commercial and certification policies;
  • BESCA is advised by an impartial forum on all aspects of best practice relating to certification, assessment and registration;
  • BESCA is supported by personnel with the appropriate skills and depth of knowledge to carry out the evaluations, certifications and registration activities.

The Schemes Board is supported by four advisory panels designed to present an additional layer of impartiality and independence. All decisions are ratified by the Chair of the Schemes Board following further discussion of outcomes at the Schemes Board Meeting.


  • The function of the schemes board also extends to:
  • Complaints and AppealsTechnical standards
  • Impartiality matters

 The BESCA management team

Provide expertise in schemes management and ensure a quality auditing process of building and engineering services technical standards.

BESCA’s Competent Person Scheme has gained UKAS accreditation which not only provides us with a quality framework for the scheme but is used as a common thread throughout our provision. This demonstrates our drive to set high standards to clients and stakeholders, therefore playing an integral part in raising the bar within our sector. A varied skill set allows the team to supply members with the necessary services and support they require. The team work closely with the schemes board to ensure BESCA achieves its strategic objectives and continues to strive for excellence within industry.