BESCA operates Certification Schemes to assess, certify and register the competence of contractors and individuals engaged in the building and engineering services industry.

BESCA has been authorised by the Department of Communities and Local Government to operate:

  • Competent Person Scheme for self-certification of commercial and domestic building and engineering services work under the Building Regulations (England and Wales)

The benefit of BESCA Schemes

Registering with BESCA Schemes means that you will not have to provide any advanced notification or pay a fee to Local Authority Building Control (LABC). Instead when the work is completed, your business will give the dwelling or building owner a certificate that confirms that the installation complies with the Building Regulations. You then notify BESCA that the work has been done, and BESCA will notify the LABC to that effect – saving you time and money.

As part of registration with it's Competent Person Scheme, BESCA will provide automatic registration to the Single Mark Electrical Register for all registered electricians. The register,, promoted by all Competent Person Scheme operators, the Government and Electrical Safety Council, provides the go-to-resource for any consumer looking to employ a registered electrician to carry out works in their home. All registered electricians are also entitled to use the Registered Competent Person logo, brand guidelines for the use of the Registered Competent Person logo can be found here. To obtain a copy of the logo, please contact the BESCA helpdesk on 0800 652 5533.

BESCA provides members with a dedicated Helpdesk responsible for enquiries and support on Administration, IT, and Technical. Contact BESCA Helpdesk for all queries on 0800 652 5533, or through the make an enquiry on this website.

What you need to know

BESCA’s application process is easy, and you will be supported through the assessment and certifying process by BESCA’s dedicated administration team.

  • Contact BESCA by telephone (0800 652 5533), email, or through this website
  • BESCA will forward you the applicable scheme application documents – or you can download these documents here
  • You complete and submit the relevant documents by post.
  • BESCA will carry out the initial review of your application and will provide you with guidance on the next steps to progress with your application
  • Once all scheme requirements have been met, inspection requirements or training, then BESCA will review all documentation for a final evaluation and decision making
  • BESCA will inform you of the outcome and, if successful, register you as competent under the appropriate Scheme, and issue you with a Certificate.

BESCA schemes are supported by the applicable documentation listed below. These are available from BESCA Administration on request of application. The documentation may also be found for download here

  • An Application Form
  • Fee structure
  • BESCA Code of Conduct
  • Pre-Inspection Questionnaire
  • Scheme Handbook
  • Terms of Registration

After Registration

Once your registration process and assessment has been successfully completed, your business will be issued with a certification of membership and be promoted through BESCA. BESCA will advise you, prior to uploading onto the membership database, any information to be made available on the public search facility about your company

You will be subject to surveillance checks to make sure that you continue to meet the standards of the scheme. These surveillance checks will be carried out in the same way as the initial registration audit as defined in the Scheme Handbook. During surveillance the auditor may assess other aspects of your business too to ensure complete compliance.

BESCA also actively seeks feedback from customers and monitors performance through any complaints received. Further information on BESCA’s complaints process may be found here.