About the Competent Person Scheme

The Competent Person Scheme was introduced by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to allow businesses and individuals to self-certify work that complies with the Building Regulations – as an alternative to submitting a building notice or incurring the fees of a local authority approved inspector.

The first of BESCA's schemes, the Competent Person Scheme, was authorised by DCLG to allow self-certification of work requiring notification under Parts F, G, J, L and P of the Building Regulations. From October 2013, BESCA Competent Person Scheme became UKAS accredited.

Operating in England and Wales, BESCA’s Competent Person Scheme deals with the installation or modification of the following in both domestic and commercial:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Oil
  • Solid fuel
  • Heating and Hot water
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
Application Form

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an application form

Further information on the Registration Requirements for the Competent Person Scheme is found here.

To be an Accredited Certifier

An Accredited Certifier is a competent individual appointed by the business with specific technical competence and knowledge of the Building Regulations, and has responsibility on a day-to-day basis for the safety, technical standards and quality of the in-scope controlled services under his/her supervision.

To be an Accredited Certifier you must meet the Minimum Technical Competency standards. Details of these may be found in the Scheme Handbook, or are available from BESCA Administration (0800 652 5533) or info@besca.org.uk.

Further information on the Registration Requirements to be an Accredited Certifier is found here.

BESCA will require evidence from the Accredited Certifier of an appropriate qualification, which will be verified by BM TRADA alongside the technical competence and Building Regulation knowledge during the initial audit for new applicants, and at all recurring annual surveillance checks.

Accredited Certifiers are required to demonstrate their commitment to developing competence and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and will need to show on-going CPD through training or self-tuition.

Commercial, Business, and Technical Standards for the Competent Person Scheme

The criteria to meet BESCA’s standards can be found here in the Commercial, Business and Technical Standards for the Competent Persons.

During your assessment the auditor will determine your business’s commitment to good business and working practices, and assess to see if your business has a culture that will consistently produce work in a safe and efficient manner, and which complies with the Building Regulations.

Copies of the assessment schedules that our auditors use while carrying out audits can be downloaded here and you are recommended to review these schedules ahead of any assessment to check that your business meets all the required standards.

Further information on the standard to which BESCA operates is detailed in the Competent Persons Scheme Handbook which may be downloaded here.