To be eligible for registration with BESCA, you must prove that your business activities are carried out in accordance with the specific scheme requirements issued or adopted by BESCA. To register with a BESCA scheme you must meet the criteria listed below.

Competent Person Scheme

  • Allow BESCA to audit your business before being accepted into the scheme. This is to make sure that your business produces work that meets the standards set in the Building Regulations, and that your business complies with the requirements of the BESCA scheme.
  • Provide BESCA with all necessary information relevant to the work types your business is registered to notify.
  • Have access to the BESCA Business, Commercial and Technical standards, and Building Regulations that are appropriate to the work carried out by your business.
  • Have one or more persons that are approved by BESCA as an Accredited Certifier, who are able to confirm that the work carried out complies with the Building Regulations
  • Have at least two million pounds public liability insurance
  • Submit an application for registration for each business address carrying out the Building Regulations work
  • Employ or use competent persons to carry out work so that it complies with the Building Regulations
  • Report to BESCA, in a timely fashion, all work that is within the scope of the Building Regulations, which has been certified as being compliant
  • Provide, or offer, domestic consumers with a warranty that can come into effect if the work is subsequently found to be non-compliant
  • Allow BESCA access to your business for routine auditing
  • Sign and uphold the scheme’s Terms of Registration, a legally enforceable agreement requiring Applicants and Members to adhere to the Scheme rules. Failure to do so may result in suspension or withdrawal from the Scheme

Competent Person Scheme Accredited Certifier
A proposed Accredited Certifier must meet the Minimum Technical Competency standards by either:

  • hold an S/NVQ level 3 or higher in a related building services discipline; or
  • be registered as a Gold SKILLcard holder (or higher) under the Engineering Services SKILLcard Scheme. This will be accepted as proof of competence for the purposes of the scheme, or
  • hold a craft-based or technical/supervisory qualification within a related building services discipline that demonstrates the required level of ‘underpinning knowledge’ at equivalent to Level 3 or higher, or
  • hold a relevant higher level qualification e.g. national certificate, higher national certificate or degree in building services engineering or related discipline.
  • In addition - all Accredited Certifiers must have successfully completed an BESA Accredited Certifier (Building Regulations) training course, which covers the necessary elements of the Building Regulations and the self-certification/notification process.

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