BESCA has policies and procedures for the resolution of complaints, appeals, and disputes and is dedicated to ensuring an appropriate managed outcome.

BESCA strives to learn from any dispute, complaint, or appeal, and we will update our Schemes accordingly. We value your feedback as we work towards regularly engaging with our customers to ensure a positive user-friendly service.

BESCA is committed to ensuring the safety and high technical standard of the work we certify and the operations of our approved members.

Your legal rights are not affected by participating in BESCA’s complaints process.

Complaints to Suppliers

It is a requirement of BESCA membership that certified members keep a record of all complaints. These must be made available at BESCA’s request as part of the conditions of authorisation, and may be reviewed as part of the on-going surveillance checks.

Appropriate actions may be taken with respect to any complaints or deficiency found in services which affect compliance with the requirements for certification.

Customer Satisfaction

BESCA values all types of feedback from our members and we believe that this is an important medium for the review of our success, or an indication of areas where we need to make improvements. BESCA actively seeks feedback from clients as part of our commitment for continuous improvement.

The BESCA’s Complaints and Appeals process is also open to customers of members who wish to make a complaint against a Scheme member or the outcome of a service delivery or Air Conditioning Inspection Report.

Documents supporting the complaints process may be requested in hard copy from BESCA Administration.

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