Continued Professional Development (CPD)

BESCA is committed to the continued professional development of our members and ensuring that the most up-to-date training and skills are offered to further advancements in your area of expertise. BESCA monitors the continued professional development of members through the annual competence checks during the witness assessment surveillance audits. Evidence of CPD is recorded by BESCA at these times as well as requested as part of your renewal process. We provide our members with CPD Logbooks to help track your activities and review your progress.

Continued Professional Development is not only beneficial to your career and skills development, but is an essential requirement of BESCA membership. The benefits of maintaining your professional development are that:

  • you retain your competence when faced with industry changes
  • you may achieve recognition for your developments with a professional qualification
  • you will be able to keep apace of advancements in technology, giving you the leading edge in your field
  • you will stay in the job market with developing skills to keep you up-to-date.

You may select a training provider which best meets your needs and can supply you with the relevant training. Remember, BESCA members receive a significant discount on the delegate fee of B&ES Training courses, which are open to everyone.

Competent Person Scheme

The CPD Policy and CPD Logbook for the Competent Person Scheme is available from the downloads page.

BESCA monitors your CPD as part of your accreditation to the Competent Person Scheme and you will have to demonstrate continued training and skills development as part of your renewal process.

The Competent Person Scheme requires accredited personnel to be able to demonstrate their commitment to professional development in order to maintain approved certifier status. This involves completing a minimum of 21 hours of CPD per year, 7 hours of which must be structured training. How you wish to meet this requirement will depend on your needs, but this could be one day training courses, or keeping abreast of current technology developments.

BESCA will carry out checks during witnessed assessment surveillance audits, and as part of your renewable process. BESCA will also conduct random sampling of CPD compliance annually to ensure that the necessary levels are being met.