Building Owners

BESCA Schemes are in place to protect and reassure building owners that our contractors are competent and have been checked and accredited to the appropriate level to safely carry out your work to the highest standard.

BESCA operates with authorisation from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and with the support of industry experts, to ensure that our members not only meet the standard and regularly undergo surveillance checks to ensure for continued compliance with that standard.

BESCA has in place procedures to ensure that building owners and customers may quickly check the legitimacy of any individual claiming to be, or have been, a BESCA approved Competent Person. You may check to see if a company claiming to be registered with BESCA is bona fide here on the public members search.

BESCA does not gain members as a result of any link with an organisation which operates a “Panel System”.

Building owners and members of the public are welcome to contact BESCA’s dedicated Helpdesk for further information or clarity on a member’s status.

BESCA’s Complaints and Appeals process is open to our member’s customers as well, and further information on this if found here.

Competent Person Scheme

The Competent Person Schemes were introduced by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) in 2002 to allow registered competent installers, mostly from small firms or working as sole traders, to self-certify some types of building work as compliant with the requirements of the Building Regulations. Information on current Building Regulations may be found on the Planning Portal.

The main benefit of the Competent Person Scheme for building owners is that the installer may offer lower prices as they will be self-certifying their work and not having to pay building control charges. There is also an added layer of security as ‘cowboy’ builders are not able to operate as Competent Persons and building owners will be able to identify only competent installers through the public search facilities offered by BESCA. Although membership to a Competent Person Scheme like BESCA is voluntary there are many benefits to an installer, such as authentication by an authorised certification body.

Using a Registered Competent Persons Installer

The Department of Communities and Local Government has published a useful leaflet Building work, replacements and repairs to your home to help inform you on the types of work that can be undertaken by a registered Competent Person.

BESCA provides building owners with the confidence to contract with our members knowing that they are assessed and monitored by a government authorised certification body. BESCA maintains the highest standards and is committed to customer satisfaction.