You have the right to appeal when:

  • An applicant is refused registration, or is given notice that its registration is to be suspended or withdrawn, or
  • An individual is refused Accredited Certifier, Energy Assessor, or similar status, or is given notice that the status is to be suspended or withdrawn.

If you have had an application to participate in the scheme refused, or if you have been suspended or withdrawn from a scheme, then you may appeal against that decision.

In these cases the BESCA Schemes Manager will obtain necessary information from all of the parties involved. The appeal will then be referred to BESCA Complaints and Appeals Panel and the BESCA Schemes Board informed of the outcome.

The Complaints and Appeals Panel will consider the grounds for the appeal; why the previous decision was made; and any additional information that may have become available since then.

Where the appeal is unsuccessful, the business or the individual will be given the reason(s) why the appeal has failed. They will also be given details of how they can appeal against the decision to an arbitrator, appointed by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, should they wish to do so.

Any appeal shall be made within 20 days of the original decision, it shall be made in writing, and it shall contain the following information:

  • The decision that is appealed
  • The requested change
  • Name, address, and telephone number of the appellant.

Appeals should be made in writing and sent for the attention of:

BESCA Schemes Manager
Old Mansion House
Eamont Bridge
CA10 2BX